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What is discount?

The dictionary literally means a reduction in price. Other name is rebate.

How is discount calculated?

The discount rate is subtracted from the number 100 and the result is divided by 100. When the result is multiplied by the normal price, the discounted price is obtained. For example, if you want to make a 10% discount on the price of a good with a regular price of USD 500, the discount amount will be calculated as 500 x 10/100 = USD 50. If it is desired to calculate discounted price directly, the discounted new price will be calculated as 500 x (100 - 10) / 100 = USD 450.

How is the discount rate calculated?

The discounted price is divided by the normal price and multiplied by 100. Subsequently, the result is subtracted from 100 and a discount rate is found. For example, the rate of decline in the price of a good whose normal price is 500 USD and the discount price is USD 450 is calculated as 100 - (450 x 100/500) = 100 - 90 = 10 (ie 10%).

How is the regular price calculated from the discounted price?

The discounted price is multiplied by 100 and the result is divided by the subtraction of the discount rate from 100. For example, the normal selling price of a good with a 10% discount price of USD 450 will be calculated as 450 x 100 / (100 - 10) = 45000/90 = USD 500.